Quilt Stand

Mission Statement

We believe that art matters. It changes lives, documents and reflects experiences, and shows us worlds and perspectives other than our own. Making art has been a fundamental part of human activity since the beginnings of known history; studying art has played a central role in the development of our understanding of human civilization. Further, societies are judged often by the art that they produce.

We also believe that the liberal arts and sciences matter. Knowledge does not exist in isolation; particularly in this global, digital world it is interconnected, created, developed, and maintained communally, and is changeable over time and across cultures.

All of our activities in the Art Department at Truman State University grow out of this fundamental set of core beliefs.


3 Things that are distinctive to Art at Truman:

  • Faculty
    11 full time, fully engaged faculty. All with terminal degrees in their field. Students really get to know their professors well over the course of four years and are able to establish valuable mentoring relationships. And those faculty are in offices adjacent to our classrooms – which brings us to…
  • Facilities
    Beautiful, clean, professional classrooms with good equipment throughout the building. An Art department gallery that is not surpassed anywhere and brings in top notch national and international exhibitions. By the way, students also exhibit in that gallery, which brings us to…
  • Focus on Professional Practices
    From our capstones in which all students accomplish the tasks they will be expected to perform in the working world or in graduate school – to our new Art Bus courses in which students meet with art world professionals in regional cities – we make sure your well-rounded liberal arts education is complemented by practical knowledge and skills that lead to great careers.

Degrees offered

Minors offered