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The Truman State University Art Gallery is committed to the belief that art matters. It changes lives, documents and reflects our experiences, and shows us worlds and perspectives other than our own. We also believe that the liberal arts and sciences matter. Knowledge does not exist in isolation; particularly in the information age it is interconnected, is created, developed, and maintained communally, and is changeable over time and across cultures.

Each year the University Art Gallery hosts exhibitions of faculty and student art, art historical exhibitions, and exhibitions of regional contemporary art.



2018-2019 Art Gallery Schedule
Fall 2018

August 28 – October 5

New Work by Truman State Art Faculty
Priya Kambli in main gallery
and Danielle Yakle in Charlyn Gallery

Professor of printmaking, Priya Kambli, and professor of fibers and sculpture, Danielle Yakle, will show their newest projects in this year’s faculty exhibition.

Priya Kambli
Priya Kambli, Studio Portrait (Aajooba, Neela Atya, Sona, Mona and Me), 2017, Archival inkjet
Danielle Yakle
Danielle Yakle, Grown-up Games, 2018, Multimedia


Opening reception
Tuesday, August 28, 5:00 p.m.

October 16 – November 29

Brandon Gellis and Shelby Shadwell

Artist talk and opening reception
Tuesday, October 16, 5:00 p.m.

April 23-27

BA Thesis Exhibition

Closing reception
Friday, April 27, 6:00 p.m.

December 3 – 7

BFA Thesis Exhibition
in the main gallery

A Strong Foundation
in Charlyn Gallery

Closing reception
Friday, December 7, 6:00 p.m.


Spring 2019

January 24 – March 1

Wynne Wilbur
in the main gallery
View a career-spanning retrospective of work created by Truman professor of ceramics, Wynne Wilbur.

New Work by ceramicists Leah Bowring, Emily Nickel and Alexander Thierry
in the main gallery
Dreamwork features three ceramic artists who encompass a broad range of approaches to ceramics: Leah Bowring, Emily Nickel, Alexander Thierry. Dreamwork refers to the psychoanalytic concept that our unconscious often disguises truths in our dreams from our conscious mind, but, more broadly, the works in this exhibition address the work the mind undertakes when creating memories, fantasizing, meditating, and dreaming.

Claiming Country: Masterpieces of Western Desert Painting from the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection in Charlyn Gallery
The Western Desert, located in west central Australia, is home to many of Australia’s indigenous communities and is seen as the birthplace of the contemporary Aboriginal art movement. Indigenous Australian art is often based on Dreamings, called Tjukurrpa in the Western Desert region. Dreamings link Aboriginal peoples to their sacred lands, often referred to as Country, through narratives of ancestors and creator beings. Western Desert artists bridge the gap between traditional Aboriginal practices and the contemporary art world by expressing Tjukurrpa in their work through ceremonial iconography and aerial perspectives of sacred landscapes associated with creator beings and ancestors. The paintings in Claiming Country explore the essential role that Country plays in the identities of Indigenous Australians. This exhibition brings together paintings by prominent Western Desert artists Pansy Napangardi, Makinti Napanangka, Weaver Jack, Harry Tjutjuna, Kathleen Petyarre, Tjumpo Tjapanangka, and Paddy Japaljarri Sims.
These works have graciously been loaned to Truman State University from the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia, the only museum outside of Australia dedicated to the exhibition and study of Indigenous Australian art.

Opening reception
Friday, January 25, 6-8:00 p.m.

March 19 – April 18

Annual Juried Student Exhibition
in the main gallery
Guest Juror Kate Casanova

Kate Casanove
in Charlyn Gallery

Opening reception
Tuesday, March 19, 5:00 p.m.

April 22 – 26

BA Thesis Exhibition

Closing reception
Friday, April 26, 6:00 p.m.

April 29 – May 3

BFA Thesis Exhibition

Closing reception
Friday, May 3, 6:00 p.m.



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